EPN encourages democratic participation and active citizenship amongst professionals while trying to raise awareness on social responsibilities in the sense that professionals can make enormous contributions to the overall well-being of their societies thanks to their high-level of education, experience, creative approaches and capability of easily adapting to technological improvements. In societies where professionals are refrained from societal issues and responsibilities, there is a big loss of knowledge-transfer, sharing of experiences and social deteriorations.

Therefore, it is highly important to build bridges between general public and high-educated professionals where institutions like EPN play significant roles.

Personal & Social Empowerment


Taking into consideration the hectic business life, professionals may have difficulties in finding right interlocutors and right methods for their personal and social development. As they have a big problem named “time-pressure” they need to have tailor-made and flexible approaches to their needs. EPN tries to contribute to the personal and social empowerment of professionals by undertaking various activities like preparing seminars on personal development, organising group trips to well-known places and promoting artistic courses and trainings.



We acknowledge that professionals feel a need to come together and meet their colleagues as they have much more things in common to share, exchange and learn. Furthermore, it is equally important to provide platforms where they could meet the employers and business leaders. Thus, we strongly believe that networking is an important element in business sector and pave the way for further cooperation possibilities on business projects while intensifying social relations.

Career Development


It is obvious that we are living in an increasingly competitive and demanding business environments. Besides, we have recently had a very painful financial and economic crisis whose effects are still being felt. Such factors make it extremely vital for professionals to be sufficiently equipped with necessary competences that today`s business conditions require. They need to quickly adapt to technological improvements, be highly innovative in their thinking and be capable of managing and working in highly multicultural working environments. 

Being in conscious of this need, EPN acts to give support to professionals through wide-ranging and need-oriented activities and services like seminars, workshops, trainings, study-visits, sectorial meetings and participation to national and international projects and programmes.