Who are we?

  • EPN SEMINAR: A Holistic Leadership Formula For Success , Interactive Speech by Martina Violetta Jung 11 February 2015 @ Fedactio
  • EPN BREAKFAST TALKS 25: Prof. Dr. Orhan Agirdag, Against all odds: Characteristics of successful students 25 January 2015 @ Fedactio
  • EPN ROUNDTABLE: Prof. Dr. Baki Topal, The Educational Integration of Belgians with Turkish origins in Europe 09 January 2015 @ Fedactio
  • BREAKFAST TALKS 24: Dr. Sema Koç Erdön, Psychological and Socio-Cultural Adjustment of Children 14 December 2014 @ Fedactio
  • @EESC
    EPN and UNITEE represented MAX project at the public hearing on the implementation of the Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration based on EU values at EESC - European Economic and Social Committee on 2nd May 2019

European Professionals Network (EPN) is a Brussels-based civil society organization founded in 2009 to provide professionals in Belgium with services to foster career development, awarenessraising, network building and social enrichment by implementing projects on national and European level.

It aims to contribute not only to the career development of high-skilled people, but also preparing young people for the professional life.
EPN acknowledges that people in professional life not only need to increase their competences for better career opportunities in the future but also equally be keen on their personal and social empowerment by actively participating in the society they live. We believe that values such as democratic participation, active citizenship and constructive engagement are extremely important for professionals as they are
generally assumed to be the brains of societies thanks to their knowledge, expertise and other distinguished competences.

EPN’s Board Committee is composed of 19 members being professionals from different sectors in Belgium. Indeed, EPN gathers together 7 sub platforms organised according to the expertise areas. The platforms function as a semi-independent entity that represents a hub among professionals working in different sectors where they come together discuss some issues of common concern and undertake projects and activities accordingly. Furthermore, EPN is member of Fedactio (Federation of Active Associations in Belgium) and Unitee (New European Business Confederation) Confederations and involved in the activities that they conduct.

As a result of several years of activity, EPN has today a large network of individuals and civil society organizations both at national and European levels to promote projects and disseminate project’s results.

EPN tries to realise these objectives by mobilising professionals and implementing various activities and projects including awareness-raising on societal responsibilities and sensitivities.