EPN SEMINAR: Entrepreneurship in Belgium, trading activities, how to set up a company

  14 December 2013 11:00

  EPN Office @ Auguste Reyerslaan 207, 1030 Schaarbeek, België



Entrepreneurship in Belgium, trading activities, how to set up a company


 Hüseyin Aslan

Founder and CEO of the Aslan Consulting BVBA 


Date         : 14 Dec. 2013, Saturday

Time        : 11:00-13:00 

Location   : EPN (Auguste Reyerslaan 207/3, 1030 BRUSSELS)

Lecturer   : Aslan Consulting BVBA CEO Hüseyin Aslan

Topic       : Entrepreneurship in Belgium, trading activities, matters to consider when setting up a company

Language  : Turkish

Cost: 12 € ( 10 € for EPN members )


What are the primary requirements for setting up a business and engaging in trade? How different are these requirements for the non-EU citizens? What are the types of companies? Which type of company is the best for your business? What matters should one consider when establishing a company? Hüseyin Aslan, the founder and CEO of the Aslan Consulting BVBA, one of the leading consulting firms in Belgium, will offer in-depth answers to these questions and more at EPN’s next seminar. We invite you to join this seminar which will also cover the issues of demographics of Belgium, entrepreneurship, the legal dimension of trading activities, trade register and other professional approaches and provide a myriad of opportunities to learn, debate, solve problems and to be well-equipped and ready for the challenges ahead. 


Brief Biography of Hüseyin Aslan

Born in Kırşehir in 1967, Hüseyin Aslan successfully completed his BA in Anadolu University’s Economics department. He came to Belgium in 1990 and learned Dutch. In 1995, he started to work at an organization that is under the Antwerpen municipality and that shapes the municipality’s foreign policy and offers suggestions on expats as a PR. Aslan, later, worked as a consultant at a EU project giving advices on a series of issues such as SME laws and incentives, Belgian accounting system, trading policy, laws on establishing business and entrepreneurship. The Aslan Consulting, of which Aslan is the founder, began serving entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates in 1995, became a legal entity in 1996 and then a company in 2002. Aslan Consulting BVBA offers consulting services to a number of native and foreign firms, public and private institutions and NGOs and has been appreciated with some prominent awards.


You can find more information on the Aslan Consulting BVBA at www.aslan-con.com 



11.00-12:30  Seminar

12:30-13:00  Questions&Answers


Ps. All guests attending this seminar are kindly requested to register by email to register@epnetwork.eu or by calling +32 (0) 2 734 7900 until Dec. 13, 2013.


Seminar Report

Addressing to dozens of people interested in entrepreneurship and establishing a company, Hüseyin Aslan, the founder and CEO of the Aslan Consulting BVBA, talked on primary requirements for starting a business from scratch. According to Aslan, the stage of planning and preparation before setting up a company is crucial. This stage includes research in the chosen sector, coming up with a company name that promises success, determining the target audience, conducting a feasibility study, opening a bank account for the company and having a startup capital. Once all of these are achieved, there comes the stages of notary, trade register and activating the VAT number. While talking on general principles for setting up a new business, Aslan also underscored the procedures in Belgium in specific and how these procedures differ for the non-EU citizens. The CEO also mentioned the concept of “fake tradesman.” In order to avoid the high social security contributions paid for laborers, employers have their laborers registered as “managers.” This is called fake tradesman and it stemmed from the high labor cost in Belgium, Aslan noted. Another interesting point he made was that Belgium in fact welcomes investments from abroad and yet the long and complicated visa procedures the country requires is a huge obstacle before these investments and, therefore, it needs to be solved immediately. 

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