ASE – Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship

The need of educational opportunities on social entrepreneurship seems arising, since it is a way of providing solutions to social problems and at the same time is stimulating economic growth and new employment perspectives. In a time in which unemployment is rising everywhere in EU, empowering individuals with the competences to create their own job is essential.

Therefore, based on the experience of the project partners, on the relevance of the subject towards EU Policies, as well as on the long term potential for cooperation with actors in diverse fields, the project ASE aims to foster the development of transversal skills related to social entrepreneurship, by using innovative and learner-centered pedagogical approach. ASE will address educators working with adult learners and will strive to foster social entrepreneurship education by creating a specialised and learner-driven Open Educational Resources (OER), dedicated to development of competences for creating social innovation, third sector entities and social enterprises.

Thanks to its activities and outputs produced, the project ASE will work towards the development of entrepreneurial mindsets in the field of social economy at EU level, better awareness of benefits brought by lifelong learning programs and the community needs for social entrepreneurship education. It is expected to bring valuable impact on local and international level in terms of teaching entrepreneurship, creating social innovation and development of social start ups in the different EU communities.

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