EPN and its Platforms

As a founding principle, EPN aims to mobilize the people in professional life by engaging them in all of the phases of its activities. The sub-platforms within EPN are the most effective ways of doing so. They function as semi-independent entities that represent a hub where professionals in relevant sectors come together, discuss issues of common concern and undertake projects and activities accordingly on a voluntary basis. This voluntary engagement is in accordance with EPN`s aim to increase voluntary engagements among professionals. Equally importantly, through these platforms the professionals are encouraged and given chances to participate actively in the society and to be able to increase their democratic and civic involvement.

The main objectives of the platforms are:

1.Providing networking opportunities among professionals in similar sectors

2. Organizing projects and events for career development

3. Contributing to the awareness-raising efforts within the general public concerning their areas of expertise

4. Trying to enhance the practical knowledge among the university students at relevant departments

5. Giving advice and sharing experiences with high school graduates who want to continue their university education in any of the areas of sub-platforms

6. Advocating the rights and challenges of the specific field in the EU level

Professionals under each platform meet regularly and are represented, by a president elected among them, in the meeting of platform representatives. At these meetings the workings and proposals of each platform are discussed with the presence of EPN`s secretary-general and the executive committee.