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  • Interview with Mr Emir Kir, mayor of Saint-Josse

    Interview with Mr Emir Kir, mayor of Saint-Josse

    EPN Team was glad to have the opportunity of interviewing Mr Emir Kir, federal deputy and mayor of Saint-Josse. Mr Emir Kir is a young Belgian politician with Turkish origins. […]

  • Isabella LENARDUZZI

    Isabella LENARDUZZI

    EPN Team was glad to have the opportunity of interviewing Ms. Isabella Lenarduzzi, Social Entrepreneur in Employment and Gender equality. Isabella Lenarduzzi started her social entrepreneur career during her studies […]

  • Cristina VICINI

    Cristina VICINI

    Published in 2013 CRISTINA VICINI, born in Bologna, is an International Director, accredited by IFA (France, Québec) and Guberna (Belgium), and active in Europe and North America. She worked 25 […]

  • Raimon OBIOLS

    Raimon OBIOLS

    Josep Maria “Raimon” Obiols i Germà is a Spanish politician and Member of the European Parliament for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, part of the Party of European Socialists. Ramon […]

  • Massimo BALDINATO

    Massimo BALDINATO

    Massimo Baldinato, born in 1971 in Vicenza, is a law graduate from Padua University. He is currently a Member of the Cabinet of Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, […]

  • Murat KIRAN

    Murat KIRAN

    Murat Kiran has a very interesting life story. Before he moved to the Netherlands in 1997, he had nothing to do with ICT and even didn`t speak any word of […]

  • Sefik BIRKIYE

    Sefik BIRKIYE

    Sefik Birkiye was born in 1954 in Ankara, Turkey. After a well-travelled youth (his father worked for NATO), he went on to graduate from La Cambre School of Architecture (ENSAAV) […]



    Mr Wilhelmsen has been Technical Director of the NATO Communication and Information Systems Services Agency (NCSA) since July 2009. He has considerable national and international scientific research and management experience […]

  • Fahhan OZCELIK

    Fahhan OZCELIK

    As European Professionals Network (EPN), we have newly initiated a project called “The inspiring professional of the month” in which we conduct interviews with quite successful professionals whose life stories […]