15 December 2013 12:30

  GENT @ Joremaaie 3, 9000 Gand, Belgique



Turkey’s two well-known singers, Bülent Ortaçgil and Erkan Oğur, will give a concert in Gent on Dec. 15, Sunday. Seeing this occasion an opportunity to spend time together and see places in Gent, we have prepared a trip program for the day.

After meeting at a certain spot (Joremaaie 3, 9000 Gent) at 12.45, we will take a quick tour of the city and then visit the department of Plant System Biology Enstitute of Ghent University’s Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), where we will be guided and informed by an academic on genetically modified organisms at 16.45. Following a pleasant dinner at 18.00, we will head to the concert area.

Below you can find a link to learn more about the details of the concert. You can also purchase tickets online.


Erkan Ogur


Bulent Ortacgil


Report of the Event 

The EPN members who have decided to spend the day by walking around Ghent and enjoying a concert at night gathered at noon on Dec. 15, Sunday and started to take a pleasant walk together. Guided by Mr. Halbay Turumtay, who is a PhD candidate and has been living in Ghent for years, the group caught a glimpse of some of Ghent’s most important buildings and streets and heard stories about them.  The members toured around St Bavo’s Square — known as the heart of the city –, the square of Vrijdagmarkt (Friday Market), the Great Butcher’s Hall, St Nicolas’ Church — a 13th century church in Gothic style and one of the oldest and most prominent landmarks in the city –, the Belfry — the 91-meter-high medieval tower — and Gravensteen — a castle dating back to the Middle Ages.

After getting a quick taste of all the city has to offer, the members visited the department of Plant System Biology Institute of Ghent University’s Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB). Mr. Turumtay, who works at the institute, told about his research, which is modifying the plant cell wall to improve the conversion of cell wall polysaccharides in the context of bio-energy, and showed around the institute, the labs and the greenhouse. Later, the group grabbed a pizza and, with a full stomach, enjoyed the concert at night. During the concert, Ortaçgil sang his most famous songs while Oğur accompanied him with his guitar and then Oğur sang some very old traditional songs in his unique way and played various kinds of stringed instruments. At the end, the day was a treat both for the eye and the ear.

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