07 February 2014 20:00

  Ecole Des Etoiles @ Waterranonkelstraat 2G, 1130 Haren, BRUSSELS



Lâmekân Ensemble

Journey into 19th century Ottoman classical makams

Artists: Tristan Driessens (oud), Ruben Tenenbaum (violin), Robbe Kieckens (bendir, tonbak and goblet drum/darbuka)

You are most cordially invited to an Ottoman music concert jointly organized by the European Professionals Network (EPN) and the Belgian-Turkish Friendship Association (BELTUD).


The last century of the Ottoman Empire is known with a number of compositions that were added to the Turkish cultural repertoire and Turkish classical makams (a system of melody types used in Turkish classical music) that were performed in various kinds of way and style. In an attempt to revive the compositions of the time, a group of young Belgian virtuosos formed the unique music group ofLâmekân Ensemble. We’d like to have your presence at this moveable music feast that will take place at the theatre hall of the Ecole des Etoiles on Feb. 7.

Please click to listen the composition titled Hüseyni Külliyat performed by the group.


In the context of the 50th anniversary of the Turkish immigration in Belgium, EPN and Beltud collaborated to organise an exclusive concert featuring Lâmekân Ensemble. This inspiring group gathers young musicians from Turkey and Belgium who pooled their talents to revitalize the classical ottoman music. Lâmekân Ensemble is composed of different musicians: Ridvan Aydinli to ney and voice, Tristan Driessens to ud, Muhittin Temel to kanun, Ruben Tenenbaum to keman and Robbe Kieckens to riqq and bendir. This wonderful concert gave the spectators an opportunity to travel back to the 19th century and rediscover traditional music such as masterpieces of makam. 

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