EPN BREAKFAST TALK 20: How safe is our personal and institutional data in a virtual world? Feb. 23 Sunday (Huzeyfe Önal, Computer Engineer, cybersecurity expert)

  23 February 2014 10:30 – 13:00

  Fedactio @ Rue des Palais 27/5, 1030 BRUSSELS



The Role and Importance of Cybersecurity in Today’s Tech-driven World

How safe is our personal and institutional data in a virtual world?


Huzeyfe Önal

Computer Engineer and Cybersecurity Expert


Date: Feb. 23 Sunday

Time: 10.30-13.00

Location: FEDACTIO (Rue des Palais 27/5, 1030 BRUSSELS)

Price: 8€ (5€ for EPN members)

Speaker: Computer Engineer Huzeyfe Önal

Topic: The Role and Importance of Cybersecurity in Today’s Tech-driven World

Language: Turkish

The threats made in virtual worlds are now more than merely harmless threats against individuals, institutions and states. Most recently, Turkey has become one of the many countries that are caught off guard by cyber threats and started to pay the price for it. The responsibility that is laid on professionals on this issue is to launch processes to take protective measures, to combat against cyber threats, and to operate the processes carefully. To address this crucial matter, European Professionals Network (EPN) is going to host a breakfast talk with Cybersecurity Expert Huzeyfe Önal to hear his suggestions and experiences on how to build a cybersecurity roadmap. We will be glad to have you amongst us at this event on Feb. 23.



10:00-10:30    Registration

10:30-11:30    Breakfast

11:40-12:30    Talk with Huzeyfe Önal

12:30-13:00    Questions&Answers


Brief Biography of Huzeyfe Önal

Having completed his computer engineering education at university in 2002, Huzeyfe Önal has worked at various institutions of the Turkish infrastructure sector such as the automotive manufacturing company of Ford Otosan and Turkey’s largest mobile communication operators Avea, Vodafone and Turkcell as a Linux/UNIX system expert, network security administrator, information security specialist and computer forensics expert. He is currently the manager at the Enterprise Security Services at Bilgi Güvenliği Akademisi (Information Security Academy) company and giving lectures at two private universities. The areas of his expertise include application security, penetration tests, APT (Advanced Persistent Threat), attack detection, abnormal network traffic detection, network-based forensics, cloud computing security, Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and protective measures.

Önal has successfully completed over 100 information security projects and more than 200 technical trainings related to his expertise in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Turkish Republic ofNorthern Cyprus. You can visit https://www.lifeoverip.net/hakkimda for further information about his works.




Program Report:

The 20th breakfast talk of EPN was a highly useful and informative event that shared real issues and experiences on cybersecurity in Turkey as well as other countries, according to the attendee feedbacks. Computer Engineer and Cybersecurity Expert Huzeyfe Önal gave two-hour long presentation informative on a personal and business level. According to the expert, information is the most valuable and desired thing in cyber world with all countries and companies aiming for collecting more info about more people. It may be for commercial, political or social goals, Önal added. That’s exactly why cybersecurity is a necessary consideration for individuals and families as well as businesses and governments.

Önal further noted that the USA, China and Israel are the most powerful countries in cyber world, while India, the UK, China, Germany, USA and Korea are the countries that completed their national cybersecurity strategy. Elaborating on the methods and techniques being used, he said that cyber-hacking experts are often using social engineering techniques to gain the trust of their targets. Even the most important institutions fall for this, he added. As for cybersecurity tips, users should always be suspicious of unknown links or requests sent through email or text message and set secure passwords. With such and more measures, hopefully our world will grow to provide a safer digital environment for everyone. 


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