EPN SEMINAR: A Holistic Leadership Formula For Success , Interactive Speech by Martina Violetta Jung

11 February 2015 19:00

Fedactio @ Paleizenstraat 27, 1030 Schaarbeek, België


“A Holistic Leadership Formula For Success

Martina Violetta Jung


Do you feel threatened by a world where more people demand a fair share of the global cake and your piece seems to become smaller every day? Do you think that you have a responsibility to fix the world out there that has gotten out of balance? Do you feel that achieving goals has become more of a struggle than fun? Does working hard and focused not deliver the results that you have gotten used to? Has adding new skills to our personal tool box shown limited effects only? If you answer one or more of these questions with YES, then the Formula „Result = Attitude x (Effort + Ability)“ will be of interest and benefit to you. European Professionals Network (EPN) kindly invites you to participate to this inspiring and motivational speech given by Martina Violetta Jung.


Martina Violetta Jung is a German born entrepreneur. She is (1) the founder and force behind IamYoumanity, a holistic incubator dedicated to unveil the true calling of our world’s business leaders; (2) a trustee shareholder of a privately owned medium sized company that is the worldwide market leader in specialized technical products for public transportation and (3) an author and publisher of business related e-books in English and German

Born in 1963, Martina Violetta Jung holds a doctor degree in Chinese economic law after having pursued legal studies at the universities of Passau and Münster in Germany as well as Wuhan in Peoples Republic of China. Her classical career steps include M&A Lawyer with Schön Nolte as well as Director Marketing Europe with Hapag-Lloyd Container Line in Hamburg; Managing Director of Hapag-Lloyd Belgium NV and CEO of Ahlers NV in Antwerp; Member of the Board of Directors of various companies in Belgium and Luxembourg in transport and logistics, ICT and venture capital. For nine years she was active as a full time Leadership & Integration Coach working with either individual entrepreneurs or CEOs and their management teams to build cross cultural and country leadership and cooperation after major mergers, acquisitions and restructuring. On her own journey to wholeness she became a practicing Reiki Master according to Japanese traditions and a writer of self-help books for leaders as well as business stories and poetry. She lives, works and leads from the perception “All is One”.

E-books by Martina Violetta Jung (via Amazon):
„Take Your Work And Shove It! – Fun and Fulfillment Instead of a Breakdown“
„König Theodors Wundersame Reise – A business novel“
„Caressing My Soul – Poetry for Conscious Leaders“


Report of the event

On February 11th, EPN hosted an interactive speech with the entrepreneur and writer Martina Violetta Jung in order to discuss about the concept of leadership. The audience was composed of professionals from different business sectors.

Martina talked about the notions of leadership and success through her personal and professional life experiences. The latter, among which a burn out, led her to become a business coach and writer. Through the years, she developed her own philosophy about how people should face their lives and every-day challenges. According to her, people should do something that makes them fully happy and satisfied. All depends on how the formula: “Result = Attitude x (Effort + Ability)” is interpreted. Several factors have an influence on this mechanism, such as Ego, the outside world, our relationship with the others. According to Martina, people should interpret and follow the formula taking into account their desires and dreams but also the society and, if they are believers, God. In her opinion, all should function as a whole. Leaders, businesses, and people in general should try to adopt this vision in order to promote a more genuine and meaningful reality, both for the sake of the human beings and of the companies. In our societies we see more and more people experiencing crisis and burn outs. This is why, according to Martina, we need a new perspective in the building and shaping process of our professional lives.

The participants were highly involved in the speech. They exchanged their points of view and their personal experiences with Martina and with each other. At the end, they gathered around a few tables to enjoy networking and a small reception.


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