EPN SEMINAR: ” Transformational Talent” by Melih Erdem Koctepe, Business Consultant @ Benson & Winch


Transformational Talent


Melih Erdem Koctepe

Business Consultant at Benson & Winch


Date: May 27th, Wednesday

Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Where: Fedactio – Rue de Palais 27 – 5 1030 Brussels

Price: 5 €

Topic: Transformational Talent

Language: English


Nowadays, employers are asking more and more from the employees to have new skills and talents. So how do you transform your talents according to the requirements? The concept brings that anything can be transformational; therefore any talent or skill can be as such. Having transformational talent means knowing how to take advantage of multiple skills to drive different outcomes. In this seminar an essential aspect of the professional succes, being innovative and knowing how to combine talents together will be elaborated.

European Professionals Network kindly invites you to the event where Mr.Koctepe will discuss the attributes of transformational talent in an interactive environment.



18:30-19:00 Register

19:00-20:00 Interactive Seminar

20:00-20:30 Snacks & Drinks







Melih Erdem Koctepe

As a Master in Nanotechnology Engineering, Chemistry and MBA, Dr Erdem combined both his technical skills and managerial skills into the development of technology consulting business within Benson & Winch, in Brussels. Dr Erdem started working for Benson & Winch in 2012, first as a recruitment consultant, and then from 2014 as a business consultant. Previous positions include Associate to McKinsey & Company, and Research Engineer. His professional experience as a recruitment consultant made him an expert about human resources, talent acquisition and talent management.


Report of the event

On May 27th, EPN hosted a seminar with the participation of business consultant Dr Melih Erdem Koctepe, in order to discuss about the concept of transformational talent. The audience was composed of professionals from different business sectors.

Dr Erdem explained the notion of transformational talent by illustrating the attributes that people in possess of this talent hold. Among the most interesting character traits, it appears that transformational talented people are in general life learners, collaborative, storytellers, and natural leaders. Nowadays, employers are asking more and more to the employees to have and show transformational talent. According to Dr Erdem, to have this kind of talent means mostly to be innovative and to know how to combine talents together. The key to find transformational talent is to give the employees the right opportunities to reveal and use it.

After a short Q&A session, participants gathered around a few tables to enjoy networking and a small reception.