EPN WORKSHOP: ” How to Present Yourself ” by Homeira Kroone

EPN Workshop

‘ How to Present Yourself? ‘

Showing the best version of yourself: Tips on self-introduction & presentation

Homeira Kroone


Date: 12 Nov ’15
Time: 19:00 – 21:30
Location: Fedactio – Rue des Palais 27-5 Scaherbeek 1030
Language: English
Price: 20 € for EPN members, 25€ for non-members


When it comes to interviews, presentations, important meetings and any situation where you need to make a stellar impression, a little bit of guidance goes a long way toward making a highly effective presentation. Getting tips about what makes a good introduction, how to go about it, how to budget your time and use body language, what kind of an impression you have on people is immensely important; and getting the chance of practicing these tips at a workshop can be a life-saver. For the purpose of assisting professionals in their careers, European Professionals Network (EPN) has organized a 2.5hrs long workshop on self-introduction and presentation with Communication Coach Homeira Kroone.









Homeira Kroone

Native Persian, Kroone left her country at the age of 19 to seek advance and improvement in her life. She graduated from Technology College in Aalborg, Denmark at the age of 27, which strengthened her rational and result-oriented mind. From the age of 30 she entered the field of personnel establishment where she acquired extensive training as well as personal development and improvement sessions, which resulted in her improved understanding of self and others, as well as increased ability to communicate with and help employees and seniors to reach their goals and purposes.

By the age of 50 she has had 20 years of experience and belief that ‘It is the mindset of individuals involved in any project, team or company which sets their activities and results. Help the individual with a tailor-made program and you help the group as a whole.’ She has been extensively training in the fields of communication (individuals and groups) and relationships. She recently moved to Belgium; and in about 1.5 years she has delivered more than 30 seminars. She has also delivered more than 300 hours of self-improvement sessions. To contact Homeira Kroone click here

Kindly register early via register@epnetwork.eu to reserve your spot as workshop space is limited.

18:30 – 19:00 Registration
19:00 – 21:30 Workshop
21:30 – 22:00 Drinks & Snacks


Report of the event

Coming together with the EPN members at the “How to Present Yourself” workshop on Nov. 12th, Ms. Homeira Kroone began her session with the unusual game of asking the participants to find certain objects she described in the room. She, then, asked them to find certain features in one another. Explaining the purpose of the practices in the end, Ms. Kroone said that familiarity with the setting and the audience is one of the key tips for making a successful and effective presentation. In order to get familiar with the environment, one can play little games like finding a “blue item” or “favorite item” in the room, or finding a person wearing glasses among the participants. These practices aim to ease and improve one’s body language and self-confidence.

As for improving and well-structuring the content of the presentation, Ms. Kroone suggested asking oneself certain questions. Presentations should always contain the answers to the questions of “Who am I”, “Why am I giving the presentation” and “What do I want the audience to take away from the presentation?” But before working on these questions, knowing and understanding the audience is crucial to be able to connect with them. Ms. Kroone noted that prior to presentations, she always researches and finds out the audience expectations and demographics. According to the communication coach, by knowing more about the audience and their expectations, and also making eye contacts to involve them, one will be able to tailor the talk to make it more interesting and satisfying.

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