Study-trip to ISTANBUL

10 June 2011 08:30 – 11 June 2011 22:30
Istanbul @ Istanbul, Turkey
Purpose: Together with the new members of our executive committee, we wanted to visit two institutions which are active on similar areas as European Professional Network in order to share best practices and experiences.Institutions Visited:1. Alumni and Career Planning Centre of Fatih University, Istanbul
2. Platform for Professional Development (Gelisim Platformu)Report:We had determined two associations that we think we are more associated with in terms of the objectives of establishment and the areas of activity.Platform for Professional Development (Gelisim Platformu) has been a pioneer in Istanbul as well as in Turkey in terms of providing wide-ranging services to professionals from various business sectors. They have around 700 members with membership fees and organise more than 100 programmes per year on the domains of professional, personal and social development and networking activities.With its alumni and career development centre Fatih University managed to establish a good contact between its graduates and the business sector. They are not only providing connections, but also giving services like coaching, consultancy and orientation.  The university has also recently initiated a unique unit called automation centre where students are trained on model machines which are designed exactly with the same system as in the factories. Hence, students graduate with practical knowledge as well as theoretical one and that provides efficiency of time and money for both parties.It was quite an enriching study-trip for us as we had a chance to talk and share best practices with the representatives of the institutions we have visited.[URIS id=335]