Professionals Meet Students

  22 February 2012 19:30

  BS Platform @ Kroonlaan 311, 1050 Elsene, België


In partnership with Belgian Student Platform (targeting university students) and in parallel to our project named “Professionals meet students”, we brought together law professionals and the students within law departments in universities throughout Belgium. This project was in accordance with our objective to raise awareness among professionals on social responsibilities through actively participating in social projects.

The main aim of this project is to provide an opportunity for law-studying students to meet their future colleagues to deepen their practical knowledge on what is actually going on in the law sector. We sought to answer the questions like: What kind of professional opportunities are waiting for me? What should I be careful about or more concentrate on? What would be the advices of law professionals for the future in law? In which direction should I prepare myself? And so on…

This encounter was also a great opportunity for professionals who used to be studying a few years ago to share their knowledge and experiences with students who are at the edge of jumping into a professional career.

After a short introduction of BSPlatform and EPN, our law professionals briefly introduced themselves and their current positions. Then, students had the chance to meet each of the professionals who are working on different areas within law and got practical information on the details and opportunities of them.

The programme ended with a reception and a group photo.

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