EPN Seminar on “Human Factor: Why we make errors?”

  10 May 2012 19:00 – 21:30

  EPN HQ @ Auguste Reyerslaan 207, 1030 Schaarbeek, België



We are all making small or big mistakes in our private and professional lives. Although some faults we make may seem insignificant, they may cause irreparable consequences like the ones in traffic.

The purpose of this seminar was to get attention and raise awareness on why we steadily make errors and how we could avoid committing them by approaching human errors systematically. Besides, the seminar shortly touched upon the attitudes that we adopt towards faults.

We hope that this seminar would help the participants gain new perspectives on both job security & sustainability as well as on private areas. This event was organised by EPN Technology & Engineering Platform (TEP), however, professionals from all sectors were present as the theme interests everyone. Everybody needs to learn about the ways through which we can reduce making errors.(Our examples were not restricted to engineering field, but were based on our daily experiences in different areas.)

Dr. Sezin Eren OZCAN: 

Dr Ozcan is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Turkey in the department of food engineering. She completed her master`s degree in KULeuven and there she further studied her PhD education. After the end of her doctoral studies she started to work at Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics as research coordinator and project manager. She currently holds 14 academic publications as well as 1 patent. She has been working at Pfizer as an expert on ventilation and supportive systems since 2010.

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