EPN Breakfast Talks 12 with Ismail CINGOZ

  24 February 2013 10:30 – 13:30

  Fedactio @ Paleizenstraat 27, 1030 BRUSSELS


Our 12th Breakfast Talks series took place on 24 February 2013…

Fedactio (Federation of Active Associations in Belgium) has recently been named as “The Most Influential of the Year in Brussels” by the thousands of listeners and readers of Vlan newspaper, La Capitale newspaper, Viva Bruxelles radio channel and Tele Bruxelles Tv channel within the category of economy thanks to its various supports to educational projects.

This news prompted us to let you know more about this inspiring initiative. Therefore, Mr Ismail CINGOZ who is the president of high advisory board at Fedactio was with us during our 5th Breakfast Talks and shared his opinions over the 50-year old Turkish migration to Europe and the civil society initiatives like Fedactio being one of the most important examples today.

Programme details were as follows:

Date: 24 February 2013, 10:30 – 13:00

Speaker: Mr. Ismail CINGOZ (President of High Advisory Board of FEDACTIO)

Subject: “The European Turks and the Role of Civil Society Organisations After 50 Years of Migration to Europe: Example of FEDACTIO”.

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