02 March 2013 09:30

  College Des Etoiles @ Waterranonkelstraat 2/G, 1130 Haren, BRUSSELS



On the 2nd of March EPN in partnership with UNITEE, organized and event titled “How to apply for a job in the EU institutions”. The programme offered the possibility to discuss the integration of cultural diversity and new talents within the European institutions. The objective was to give chances to talented, young, ethnically diverse professionals to access these work areas.

The event, which took place in the college ‘Ecole des Etoiles’, based in Brussels, had a very positive outcome, we received more than 200 guests from all over Europe, in particular Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Most of the participants were students or young professionals from a migrant descent. The number of participants exceeded our expectations and for this reason we are more than pleased with the results.

After an enjoyable Turkish breakfast, Dr. Adem Kumcu, President of UNITEE, gave a very warm and inspiring welcoming speech, he talked about diversity and encouraged the participants to follow their dream career paths. He reminded the audience that “using the skills of new European citizens will be of great advantage for Europe”.

Continuing the welcoming speech, Mr. Richard Lewis, Senior Research Fellow Migration and Diversity at the institute for European studies VUB, expressed his commitment on the issue of European integration. Mr. Lewis based his speech on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. His speech named “Diversity in Europe” revolved around topics ranging from Human Rights to non-discrimination, human resources and the positive outcome diversity can offer for an institution. His speech was very engaging and by using visual diagrams he helped the audience have a better picture of the assets coming with diversity.

The second part of the programme provided the participants with many tips and hints on how to enter and excel in a career at the EU institutions. Here we had the chance to listen to Mr. Lieven Tack who gave the young participants advice on career opportunities at EU institutions. His speech was very practical as he elaborately explained traineeship opportunities, the selection procedures before the admission, how to prepare for the selection procedure, and the advantages and disadvantages of working at the EU institutions. He engaged with the audience by giving an insight on his personal experience.

The program went for an afternoon break during which the participants had lunch and found the opportunity to develop a network with each other and taste Turkish specialties.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Lucia Smit shared advice on “Getting ready for a job interview”. Her speech appeared to be one of the most engaging as she interacted a lot with the audience through question and answers.

The program ended with the opportunity to listen to Hasan Turgay Tursun who shared his personal experience and career process, while mentioning the internship and job opportunities within the European Commission. The programme ended with a question and answers session during which the participants had an opportunity to converse with the speaker about their curiosities regarding the job opportunities and the application process.

The goal of the event was primarily to provide young professionals with information that would motivate and stimulate them to follow their dreams in achieving a position in the EU because Europe needs more than ever, “Young Talents.”




Searching for a job at the EU institutions?

If you are looking for a job or internship at the EU institutions for your future career, you are welcome to our program on application and selection process to get a position at the EU institutions.

EPN, in collaboration with UNITEE and other fellow organizations, is happy to announce organizing the following event: New Talents for the EU Institutions. EPN aims to explore the best practices for New Europeans, on how to develop their careers within the EU institutions. We invite students, recent graduates and business professionals to attend this event. It is a one day program including panel discussions and workshops. This event will be a unique opportunity to show that New Europeans have the same qualities as every other candidate and could even bring extra qualities to the institutions!

We, together with our partners, are working to build a network of ‘New Europeans’ in Europe. By “New Europeans” we refer to those individuals who live in Europe and have connections with not merely their countries, but also provide unique means to bridge the social and cultural gulfs between Europe and their countries of origin as an outcome of their attempts.


New Talents for the EU


9:30 – 10:30               Registration

Refreshments will be served (Croissants, Turkish specialities, Coffee, Tea…)

10:30 – 11:00             Welcoming speech

                                    Dr. Adem Kumcu

11:00 – 11:30              Opening remarks  – Diversity in Europe

                                    → Richard Lewis

11:30 – 12:45              Information session on career opportunities at the EU institutions

                                    Mr. Lieven Tack (Presentation+Q&A session)

                                    -what are the career opportunities at EU institutions

                                    -what are the traineeship opportunities

                                    -what are the selection procedures

                                    -how to prepare for the selection procedure

            -what are the advantages and disadvantages of working at the EU institutions

                                    -personal experience of Mr. Lieven Tack

12:45 – 14:00             Lunch break

                                    Sandwiches and beverages will be served

14:00 – 15:00             Personal experience of working at the EU institutions

                                    Nurdjihan Kortel – assistant of MEP Metin Kazak

                                    European Commission employeeS                    

15:00 – 16:15             Workshop – Getting ready for a job interview

                                    Dr. Lucia Smit (presentation + Q&A session)

                                    -how to prepare for a job interview

                                    -frequently asked questions at job interviews

                                    -what is expected by the employer

                                    -how to convince the employer during an interview


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