DOCUMENTARY: 50th Year of Turkish Migration to Europe

15 March 2013 19:30 – 21:30

Fedactio @ Paleizenstraat 27, 1030 BRUSSELS


As we are going through the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Turkish migration to Europe, European Professionals Network organised a documentary screening, which projects this 50 year-process with real-life stories and various interviews with people who have passed through this tough period.

The evening started with a cocktail where professionals from various fields had the chance to network and continued with the screening of the documentary.

Right after the documentary, Mr Yaşar Tümbaş, who arrived in Belgium in 1964 to continue his higher education, shared his own experiences in Europe during the last 50 years. Mr Tumbas is an industrial engineer by profession and is one of the very first-comers to Belgium. He depicted the difficulties as well as happinesses lived throughout this period of Turkish presence specifically in Belgium.

EPN`s vice-president, Ms. Mutlu Cengiz, was also involved in the preparation of this documentary assuming a role as the coordinator of Belgium part.

The programme was attended by 53 professionals!

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