12 April 2013 19:30 – 21:30

  Golden Rose asbl @ Boulevard Général Wahis 224, 1030 BRUSSELS


European Professionals Network is organising a social activity called “Sira Gecesi” where there is traditional Anatolian music is performed together with traditional food prepared during the performances.

Sira Gecesi is an important local tradition in Turkey usually associated with the cities of Urfa and Mardin. It is a special occasion where groups of young people gather at each others home following a preestablished sequence, especially in winter evenings, to play Ottoman Instruments such as Kanun, Ud and Bağlama, sing regional classics and to eat together. Çiğ Köfte, Turkish Baklava and traditional drinks are the indispensable staples of these evenings.

Group TINI will be conducting their musical performance during the evening. Group Tini was founded in 2006 to support the Musicians House in Dampoortstraat in Ghent where the group also performs every weekend in a small place. Grup Tini consists of Ghent folk musicians who play traditional Anatolian folk music.


Programme Report:

European Professionals Network (EPN) hosted more than 80 guests in Golden Rose women organization for the traditional Turkish night called “sıra gecesi”. The president of EPN, Yüksel Kaya made the opening speech. Mr. Kaya thanked the guests for their presence and gave some information about the activities of EPN. After Mr. Kaya’s speech, Mr. Aydın Malkoç and Mrs. Pascale Eyben made a presentation about the sıra gecesi and Turkish culture. They gave information about the food and drinks served during the night. Yufka, ezme, haydari and baklava were served along with the main course of the night, which is called çiğ köfte. As a drink, ayran was introduced and served. 

After the presentation, the stage was left to the Grup Tını, which played Turkish folk and classical music with the traditional Turkish music instruments. The guests joined the rhythm of the music while watching the çiğ köfte being kneaded. The night gave the chance to the guests to meet and get to know one another better. Those who have tried the çiğ köfte for the first time expressed their admiration and shared their views about it. The night was ended with the service of Turkish tea and of course the baklava.

The guests seemed joyful to have spent a night in a sincere and relaxed environment. Mr. Kaya made a short closing speech and thanked everyone for their attendance. 


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