PANEL: “Free Movement of Professionals” on 16 June 2015 @ European Parliament



How does it make the EU richer and smarter?
Challenges and Potentials

When: Tuesday, 16 June, 2015
Time: 16:00-18:00
Place: European Parliament Room: A5E-3

You are cordially invited to our panel discussion entitled “Free Movement of Professionals”​ at the European Parliament​

Free movement of labour and professionals is crucial for a functioning single market​. O​ther than helping national finances by allowing a more efficient allocation of resources, it fosters a sense of common belonging beyond local or national identities, contributing to the achievement of a strong European Identity. Free movement of labour and professionals also boosts entrepreneurship and innovation, the latter being strengthened by education and being the key driver of economic growth. In addition, EU migrants can make easier for companies to internationalize and to achieve job creation.​ ​Free movement should be seen as an opportunity to do better together.

​Yet, unfortunately, still many barriers remain, both of technical and cultural nature. First of all, in order to achieve a complete ​s​ingle ​m​arket, a better application of the existing rules is needed. Moreover, the ​s​ingle ​m​arket is still fragmented because of different languages and cultures influencing the way of doing business. These differences prevent EU entrepreneurs from venturing outside their domestic markets. ​All in all, the issue of free movement within EU, possible benefits, challenges ahead and the question of how challenges can be turned into opportunities are the matters to be addressed ​for a better European future.

To discuss these issues, we are pleased to invite you to the panel ​​”Free Movement of Professionals”. ​Please kindly RSVP to the e-mail ” ” until June 9, Tuesday.

15:30-16:00 Registration
16:00-16:05 Opening words

Mr Selçuk Gültaşlı, EU correspondent at Zaman Media Group

16:05-16:25 Keynote speeches

Ms Eva Paunova, MEP, Group of the European People’s Party

Mr Jorg Tagger, Deputy Head of Unit at DG EMPL

16:25-17:00 Panel Discussion

Mr Adem Kumcu, President at UNITEE
Ms Assya Kavrakova, Director at ECAS
Mr Melih Erdem Koctepe, Business Consultant at Benson&Winch
Mr Matthias Busse, Researcher at CEPS

17:00-17:30 Q&A
17:30 Cocktail Reception

This event is co-hosted by Eva PAUNOVA, MEP and Jo LEINEN, MEP